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I am Mark Woods, owner of Delta Aviation, LLC. I have been a Regional Director of Sales for Mooney for over a decade, and also had years of experience as a Regional Diamond Regional Representative. I'm passionate about both the Mooney and Diamond product lines. With over 3000 hours of long body Mooney experience, I'm more in awe of the product than ever! The Mooney airframe has extraordinary heart. Mooney drivers seem to develop a "M20 blood count" that simply never leaves. That's why I believe Mooney owners are far less transitional owners. Many Mooney owners move up the aviation ladder, but it's surprising how many of them choose to retain a Mooney in their aviation stable. Regardless of the duration of your Mooney ownership experience, count on a lifelong love affair with the Mooney Product as there is no cure on the horizon for the infection!

I have had the opportunity of representing new Diamond Aircraft in 2001-2003 and again in 2009-2010. It has been a pleasure to see the company grow and mature a terrific product line. I would have to confess that the Diamond DA20 is the most fun plane I have ever flown. While the DA40 retains most of the fun handling qualities of the DA20, at 150 knots it offer first time buyers an opportunity to purchase a plane they can grow with. Combined with the diesel powered DA42 and the D-Jet, Diamond shares the "King of Efficiency" title with the Mooney.