Acclaim Resource Information Page:
The generic manuals and other information below are NOT specific to your, or any, aircraft. They are provided as reference tools only. Refer to the Pilot's Operating Handbook and/or Airplane Flight Manual, provided with your aircraft at delivery, for data specific information.

Acclaim Type S
Acclaim Type S FlySheet
Section 5 Type S Performance (generic)
Acclaim Type S POH    Revision A

Acclaim FlySheet
Section 5 Performance (generic)
Acclaim POH    Revision A

Pilot Reports:
Flying 2009 Type S Pirep
Flying 2006 Acclaim Pirep
MAPA 2008 Acclaim Type S Pirep

Optional Equipment:
TKS Know Ice Protection
SVT (Synthetic Vision Technology
Option & System Information
Arctic Air Portable A/C

Competitive Product Analysis:
Range Comparison
Speed vs Range Comparison

Specs, Dimensions, Seating & Cargo:
Luggage Area
Luggage Area - Seats Removed
3 Passenger Rear Bench (5 Place Seating)
Executive 3 Place Seating
Cabin Dimensions
Specs and Dimensions