Re-Sale Assistance

Delta Aviation's Re-Sale Assistance Services provide the seller with the professional representation he/she needs to successfully market his or her aircraft for very reasonable reates. We have an advertising presence online and in print with companies like Controller, ASO and Trade-A-Plane and manufactures owner publications.

What Mark's clients have to say:

“I can tell anyone that Mark Woods gave not only the effort but the way he handled the sale of my aircraft was amazing. I got what I wanted for my airplane and he worked hard through the process . I will remain with Mark in the future sale of my next aircraft or and or purchase !”

Joey Gantt , Lynchburg , Va.

“Fellow Mooney Owners; If you are looking for an organized and competent individual for assistance in marketing your Mooney aircraft, I would highly recommend Mark Woods. Market savvy and knowledge of the Mooney product provides satisfaction for seller and buyer alike.”

David Abendroth

“Just a short note to thank you for all of your help in the sale of my Mooney Ovation2. Having sold three other aircraft in the past, I have to admit this was the fastest, cleanest, and easiest of all of these transactions. As you may recall, one week prior to the sale, I had flown into a small airport in northern Canada, where I got a gas fill contaminated with water. Because it was way below freezing, the water had frozen and could not be drained through the sump. We had to tow the plane to a heated hanger and remove the drains to get all of the water out of the system. It was your thorough preflight with the new buyer that revealed this situation and allowed its correction before any harm was done. The buyer of my plane e-mailed me to say how pleased he was with the plane and that he appreciated how much time you spent with him getting him comfortable with the aircraft and the GX 1000. Obviously, it was a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller. Mark, your easy going, no pressure personality made what could have been a very stressful experience quite easy. If I ever decide to sell my Acclaim you will unquestionably be my broker. Thanks for everything.”

Dr. Michael J Moir

“To Whom It May Concern: I purchased a Mooney Ovation 3 from Mooney in March of 2008. Mark Woods was the salesman for my area and he sold me the plane. During the “selling” phase of this airplane Mark went out of his way to meet and exceed my every need/request. Due to my reluctance to take the “plunge” this was a lengthy period of time and Mark never tired in properly pursuing the sale. I found him to be a man of integrity and determination. Then this year I decided to move to a Turbine and purchased a Piper Meridian. Prior to this purchase I engaged Mark as an agent in pursuing the sale of my Mooney. Here again Mark exceed my expectations and brought several buyers to the table. In a very short 3 weeks Mark had found and negotiated the sale of my Mooney for a price that topped then current market conditions. As a very satisfied customer I highly recommend the use of Mark’s service for buying or selling. I am sure you will be most appreciative of his knowledge and work. “

Mike Miller Miller Energy, Inc.