Buyer's Agent Services

Delta Aviation's Buyer's Agent Services provide professional, knowledgeable assistance when searching for an aircraft and we earn our full commission only after you have completed a successful transaction. Whether you're a first time buyer, moving up or just plain replacing your aircraft with something more suitable to your current needs, Delta Aviation's Buyer's Agent Services simply make sense.

We take the guess work out of aircraft aquisition. Delta Aviation leverages its industry expertise to de-risk your acquisition and get you more aircraft for your investment dollars. We use our industry knowledge, our market connections and our buying savvy all on your behalf.

If you're a first time buyer, you may not be sure what type of plane is right for you. What's the right balance between flexibility, performance, investment and operational / maintenance costs?  That's part of what we'll help you figure out. We'll start the process by determining the best make and model aircraft to purchase based on pilot experience and mission profile requirements. Since there's no perfect plane for all missions (every aircraft is a compromise), the key is finding the aircraft that meets the majority of your mission needs. What is your mission profile? We'll help you determine that too.

With specific makes/models in mind, Delta Aviation will scour the market, comb the network and dig up out-of-market opportunities to locate good, solid undervalued aircraft and then rummage thru the trenches to determine the history of the plane. We'll evaluate numerous airplanes in detail by examining the log books, speaking with service technicians, reviewing FAA records, etc. to get the full picture. When we've found a few aircraft that fit the bill, we'll negotiate the best price and present our findings to you. If you have an interest in one or more of the aircraft, we'll continue the process by making recommendations for and arranging pre-purchase inspections, title searches, hull and liability insurance and the like. But the final decision is yours. We earn our full commission only if you choose to purchase one of the aircraft we present. Call Delta Aviation at 810-417-9950 to find out more about this program.


Delta Aviation provided substantial help with my recent purchase of a 2005 Mooney Ovation 2. The service included identifying suitable aircraft, evaluating the choices, selecting a quality FBO to do the pre-buy inspection, focusing the pre-buy squawk list, arranging insurance, setting up and closing the escrow, and seeing to transition training. Their depth of knowledge about everything Mooney was impressive and their willingness to advise at each turn took away the anxiety of purchasing a make and model that was out of my comfort range. They were consistently available for consultation throughout the process and they were always courteous and pleasant to work with. The fee was reasonable and the value proposition was solid. Overall the experience was extraordinary.

James M. Elegante
St. George, Utah